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Individual Performance full orchestral accompaniment (karaoke) music tracks:

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Individual performance music tracks | Full orchestral accompaniment mp3 downloads:

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  Play button 32px Brüderlein (Sing to Love), Die Fledermaus, by Johann Strauss | full orchestral accompaniment
  Play button 32px Cat duet (Il duetto buffo di due gatti, by Gioachino Rossi | full orchestral accompaniment
  Play button 32px Champagne Polka (for Principals & Chorus) Die Fledermaus, by Johann Strauss | full orchestral accompaniment
  Play button 32px Czardas (Klänge der Heimat)Die Fledermaus, by Johann Strauss | full orchestral accompaniment
  Play button 32px Lucia Sextet, Lucia di Lammermoor, by Gaetano Donizetti | full orchestral accompaniment
  Play button 32px Tous les trois réunis, La fille du régiment, by Gaetano Donizetti | full orchestral accompaniment
  Play button 32px Va pensiero, Nabucco, by Giuseppe Verdi | full orchestral accompaniment
  Play button 32px Vocalise in C#m (high), by Sergei Rachmaninoff | full orchestral accompaniment
  Play button 32px Vocalise in Cm (high), by Sergei Rachmaninoff | full orchestral accompaniment
  Play button 32px Vocalise in Bm (medium), by Sergei Rachmaninoff | full orchestral accompaniment
  Play button 32px Vocalise in Bbm (medium), by Sergei Rachmaninoff | full orchestral accompaniment
  Play button 32px Vocalise in Am (low), by Sergei Rachmaninoff | full orchestral accompaniment

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  1. You may ONLY use these music tracks SOLELY for yourself or the company that has purchased these.
  2. COMPANIES....You may NOT COPY these tracks then DISTRIBUTE COPIES including NOT to your production's SINGERS. YOU MUST BUY an individual end-user "Terms of Use" license agreement OF WHICHEVER TRACKS YOU WANT FOR EACH SINGER or refer your production's singers to this website to buy whichever tracks they need. LOP has produced these tracks primarily for their use by its sister company, Lyrical Opera Theater, and is therefore trying to keep this process of providing them to you as simple as possible. If you need a 'group license,' contact LOP directly to make specific arrangements and agreements.
  3. NO indivdual or COMPANY may use these music tracks for PERFORMANCE purposes in the STATE of UTAH without written permission from LYRICAL OPERA PRODUCTS, INC. since LYRICAL OPERA PRODUCTS, INC. created these music tracks to be used in performances throughout the STATE of UTAH. To get permission to perform with these tracks in Utah, contact LOP at or by calling (801) 641-6984 between the hours of 9:00am-1:00pm MST.

HOW TO USE projection scenery DVDs in a production or performance INSTRUCTIONS:

  1. Please watch the tutorial video.

HOW TO USE TRACKS in a production or performance INSTRUCTIONS:

  1. Performance instructions: Except for the "Individual Performance tracks," these tracks are designed to be played one after another through each act just like the tracks on CDs with complete operas. The complete OPERA and the complete ACTS below are contained in zip files and have some tracks with chorus and the same tracks without chorus, so you'll need to choose which ones you want and remove the ones you don't want for your particular performance.
    • You can download the complete opera which contains folders containing all of the tracks of each act then load them onto a music playing devise in their respective folders instructing the music playing devise to NOT repeat, or burn them onto a CD, or
    • Download each individual ACT, or
    • Download each individual track then burn them onto a CD to play straight through, or
    • Download individual tracks then place them in files containing all of the tracks in an act labeling the files "Act 1", "Act 2" and "Act 3" then upload them on a music playing device.
    • Lyrical Opera Products has loaded the complete opera onto an mp3 player with one folder containing the complete opera, then inside it, three folders for the three acts containing their respective tracks and instructed its mp3 player NOT to repeat.
  2. REFUND POLICY: CAREFULLY CHOOSE the products you wish to download. Once they have been downloaded, unless you can show LOP evidence that proves you were unable to download your purchase, NO REFUNDS will be allowed. LOP suggests you test one first by initially buying just one individual track to see if it will work for you. LOP has provided this product to you hoping it will give the operatic world a sorely needed means of producing high quality, low cost productions at a great deal of cost to LOP in time, energy and effort with LOP's primary purpose being to provide orchestrated accompaniment for LOP's sister company, LYRICAL OPERA PRODUCTIONS.
  3. To Buy tracks: Click on ALL THREE of the check boxes above then the "BUY NOW" buttons below will be activated. Then, click on the "BUY NOW" button below which will direct and process you through payment through PayPal where you can use either a credit card or a PayPal account. Once you have purchased the item, you will be directed back to a "Download Your Purchase" button. Click on that, direct your computer where to save the file and your purchase will download. ***NOTE: Because of the nature of music files, each purchase must be made individually then downloaded, so if you buy individual tracks...IT WILL TAKE SOME TIME AND PATIENCE.