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Where can I record or perform with Lyrical Opera Products' (LOP) products?

Anywhere in the world except in Utah since LOP's products were created specifially for Lyrical Opera Theater's use which is an Utah based opera company.

Am I allowed to copy and distribute any of LOP's products?:

No. The "License for Use" statement says you must buy an individual license for each person that will have a copy of any of LOP's products. For instance, if you have a chorus that you'll be distributing music tracks to, you must have a license for each person. Contact Lynnette Owens at who can make arrangements with you for a "Group license" or send each person to this website to buy their own.

Download instructions:

Once you've chosen and paid for your products, you'll be re-directed to a web page with a "Download Your Purchase" button. Click on the button. All of the downloadable products are contained in "zipped" folders. "Save" your tracks in whatever location you choose on your computer. Once they've downloaded you can open the zipped folders and access your products.

Download problems: Some of the files are large. If your download speed is slow, the large file sizes occasionally cause download errors. If once you've downloaded a file, if the file size doesn't match the file size listed (the KB size) on the webpage, you'll get an error when you try to open the zipped file. If this happens, just click the "Download Your Purchase" button again and save it again replacing the first try. If you try and try again and it just won't work, please call me, Lynnette Owens, (801) 641-6984 between 9:00 - 1:00 MTS or email me at, and I'll work with you to find a solution to get these files to you. We can use Google Drive or Dropbox for example. I love opera and want you to be happy with your purchase.

Music tracks download format: All of the tracks are contained in "zipped" folders in MP3 file format. They will download quickly and easily onto your computer. CDs will NOT be created and sent to you.

Music tracks with chorus or without chorus: If you download entire operas or entire acts you'll receive tracks with chorus and the same tracks without chorus. Depending on your need, you can simply remove the tracks to a different file location that you won't be using.

"HOW TO" instructions:

Music track instructions: Except for the "Individual Performance tracks," the music tracks are designed to be played one after another through each act just like the music tracks on CDs with complete operas. ENTIRE OPERAs and ENTIRE ACTs are contained in zipped files. When you open the zipped files, you'll find that some of the tracks have chorus and will be followed by the same tracks without chorus, so you'll need to choose which ones you want and remove the ones you don't want for your particular performances.

To Buy products:

Click on the check box saying you "agree to the Terms of Use" then the "BUY NOW" buttons will turn yellow indicating they are activated. Click on the "BUY NOW" buttons which will direct and process you through payment through PayPal where you can use either a credit card or a PayPal account. Once you have purchased the item, you will be directed back to a "Download Your Purchase" webpage. Click on the button, direct your computer where to save the file and your purchase will download. ***NOTE: Because of the nature of music files, each purchase must be made individually then downloaded, so if you buy individual tracks...IT WILL TAKE SOME TIME AND PATIENCE.


Downloadable music tracks and scenery graphics: Carefully choose the music tracks you wish to download. Unless you can prove to LOP that you were unable to download your purchase, NO REFUNDS will be allowed. LOP suggests you test one track first by initially buying just one individual track to see if it will work for you. LOP has provided this product to you hoping it will give the operatic world a sorely needed means of producing high quality, low cost productions at a great deal of cost to LOP in time, energy and effort with LOP's primary purpose being to provide orchestrated accompaniment for LOP's sister company, LYRICAL OPERA THEATER.