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About Lyrical Opera Products, Inc.

What we do:

Lyrical Opera Products, Inc. provides opera singers and chamber, touring, concert and intimate opera companies affordable, full orchestral accompaniment (karaoke) music tracks for ENTIRE operas.

Watch now: Lynnette Owens | PBS - KUED 7 | About our full orchestral accompaniment/karaoke tracks

This is how we do it.

Watch now: Lynnette explains how the full orchestral tracks are produced

How it started:

For many years now, karaoke accompaniment tracks have been created and popularized with great success for famous operatic arias and duets enabling opera singers to be accompanied by full orchestra and chorus anytime, anywhere. Lyrical Opera Products Inc., has taken that technology one step further and created full orchestral backing tracks for ENTIRE operas both WITH CHORUS and WITHOUT CHORUS. Finally, everyone in the operatic world has the means to high quality ACCOMPANIMENT ONLY full orchestral music tracks for entire operas. Singers and audiences alike can experience the beauty and colors of a full high quality orchestra without incurring the enormous expense of one.

Our accompaniment tracks are tested and proven: To ensure the quality of the tracks and prove they work for productions, Lyrical Opera Products' DBA, Lyrical Opera Theater performs the operas with the music tracks, projection scenery and English supertitle translations.

What we provide:

Mp3 full orchestral accompaniment/karaoke tracks can be downloaded individually or for entire operas for practicing, performing or recording with.

A note about the tempos:

These full orchestral accompaniment tracks have been created with meticulous attention to and understanding of the composers' every tempo, style and dynamic marks respecting their brilliant ability to express emotions and create dramatic and dynamic contrast. Tempos change everything about who a character is and what they are feeling. Thoughtful consideration was taken of the librettos, stage drama, "singability," breaths and stage movements. The accompaniments are therefore pure and true to the composers' intentions while also providing for the realities of the live stage.

That being said, attention has also been paid to what has become "traditional" in the operatic world, such as fermatas or ritardandos that are not in the score.